Making You Healthier Is Our Commitment


"Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year."

                                                                                                                - Franklin Pierce Adams (1881 - 1960), Journalist


Extensive renovations at VIVA. This is why Viva has relocated, temporarily, until the end of 2014, across the lake to the stunning 5-star plus LAKE’s Hotel and Spa in the charming historic village of Pörtschach.

Business as usual – Things will be as always, with the outstanding caring VIVA crew, medical team, chef and award winning kitchen team. The detox regimes, treatments, therapies and individual diet plans will all be available and running smoothly, as always.

We are very pleased that our international guests are enjoying their detox break here in Pörtschach just as much as they do in Maria Worth.

The diet programmes are offered and implemented here in the same highly motivated and loving way as always at VIVA.

Spring is arriving! Our guests are enjoying the first warm beams of sunlight on the stunning shores of Lake Wörth.

The restaurant at LAKE’s serves our legendary VIVA gourmet diet, while even more healing handpicked herb teas and the traditional Mayr broth are on offer in the comfortable, spacious lounge area

No therapy is like another. Each and every programme is compiled taking into account the individual’s health history and vitality. Our starting points are the compilation of a thorough diagnosis, a vitality check to determine your biological age and the use of Applied Kinesiology to determine allergens, polluting substances or food products that cause intolerances. These diagnostic methods enable us to make exact statements on functional connections and disorders and form the basis for each customised therapy.

VIVA means: losing weight as a pleasant side effect of becoming healthier! 


Manual abdominal treatment is a gentle and very effective treatment of the abdomen. It stimulates elimination, supports the colon and the most important digestive functions and efficiently drains abdominal and lymphatic congestion. Improved breathing increases oxygen intake and supplies more oxygen to each cell of the body. During each abdominal treatment, your doctor can assess the progress of your Mayr therapy and make individual adjustments as needed. Each guest receives manual abdominal treatments as necessary and as frequently as possible within the Mayr cure.

Applied Kinesiology Test (AK-Test)

The Applied Kinesiology Test provides expanded diagnostic possibilities. By testing muscle response to specific provocation, your doctor can diagnose food intolerances and determine medication, supplements and other therapeutic measures. The AK Test is absolutely benign. You can immediately sense your negative and positive responses. This makes the AK Test a perfect complement to Mayr Diagnostics and enables individualized diagnosis and planning of therapy steps.

Manual Diagnostics and Therapy

Pain is often caused by mobility disorders. Manual diagnostics and gentle muscle techniques can quickly release blockages and help promote healing.

Further Treatments:

•Initial medical examination (resident doctor)
•Final medical examination (resident doctor)
•Neural therapy
•Guided relaxation therapy
•Doctor’s consultation
•Manual Diagnostics and Therapy
•To guarantee the best possible success of your Mayr treatment, the F.X. Mayr therapy at VIVA is based on the following healing principles.

Kneipping Treatment

Kneipp treatments improve and regulate your circulation and are therefore an essential part of the Mayr therapy. Choose from hot/cold treatments of arms and feet or sitz baths.

Hydroxeur – Baths using a Variety of Herbal Extracts

The skin is an important elimination organ. It also mirrors our metabolic health. Special bath extracts support detoxification and improve skin condition. Enjoy the following medical treats:
• NEUTRAL (fragrance-free) detoxifying
• ROSE/LAVENDER relaxing
• SANDALWOOD revitalising
• FIR TREE muscle relaxant (after training/exercise)

Vino-Forming treatment

The treatment starts with a gentle peeling of the skin using stone salt and grape seed extracts and is followed by a pleasant bath using grape and grape seed extracts. The ideal combination of relaxation, detoxification and promotion of fat-burning by special wine extracts is guaranteed to make you feel reborn.


A very special relaxation treat! Float in a waterbed, immersed in cosy warmth and soothing sounds. Escape gravity while enjoying the medicinal application of seaweed, hay flowers, moor or your personal VIVA body treatments of clay, aromatherapy oils and plant extracts.

Electrolysis Foot Bath

The electrolysis foot bath quickly and effectively eliminates toxins through the skin. Ionized saline solutions further stimulate elimination.

Hot and cold footbath

A hot and cold footbath provides intensive stimulation for your circulation. It promotes better circulation in the legs and stimulates the vein pump, which makes it especially helpful if you experience problems with your veins, especially in the legs.

Hot and cold arm bath

In addition to stimulating circulation generally and in the arms, hot and cold arm baths also promote circulation in the head and are therefore very good in the case of cure reactions.

Saline Air Inhalation

Inhalation of diffused saline solution and ionized oxygen cleanses the lungs and improves oxygen saturation of the blood. Improved oxygen exchange results in increased vitality. Ideal for chronic lung and sinus problems.

Further Kneipp treatments:

• Junge oil bath
• Nasal reflex therapy
• Light therapy


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