Making You Healthier Is Our Commitment

University General Health System (UGHS)

"University General" is a diversified, integrated multi-specialty health care provider that delivers concierge physician and patient-oriented services by providing timely, innovative health solutions that are uniquely competitive, efficient, and adaptive in today's health care delivery environment. The Company currently operates one hospital, two ambulatory surgical centers and a Hyperbaric Wound Care Center (HBOT) in the Houston area. Also, University General owns three senior living facilities and manages six senior living facilities, and it plans to complete multiple additional developments in the near future in Houston and other strategic markets. University General also owns a Support Services company that includes a revenue cycle and luxury facilities management company.

Healthcare Features:Imaging, Physical Therapy, Endoscopy, Sleep, Weight Loss, Sports & Physical Rehabilitation, Wound Care.

Emniyet Rommer: 713-375-7100

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Rommer, Phsical Therapy And Rehabilitation Center, Bursa, Turkey

ROMMER is presently located on the grounds of the Küçük Yıldız Thermal Hotel in Bursa, Turkey provides diagnosis and treatment to those who only want private and specialized treatment and have private insurance and patients of institutions with whom we have a pre-existing agreement. In our second branch, Private Security ROMMER Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Branch Facility, the patients receive the full attention of our expert staff which continually stays abreast of the latest developments in its field. We also added an Internal Medicine Unit, a Metabolism and Endocrine Unit, a Healthy Diet and Weight Control  Unit under the supervision of dieticians, and a Clinical Pilates Unit.  Following all new developments in the fields of physical medicine and rehabilitation,  Rommer's  aim is to raise their patients' quality of life to its maximum by using the best therapies available so that they can perform physical activities at their full capacity. It is our goal to meet each patient with a smile, and send each patient on their therapy with full health and a smile.

Healthcare Features:Physical Yherapy and Rehabilition, Endocrine and Metabolism Treatment, Internal Medicine, Obesity Therapy, Healthy Diet and Weight Control Center, Area-Specific Weight Loss, Pain Therapy, Clinical Pilates, Massage Therapy, Lymph Edema Treatment, ESWT (Treatment Of Heel Spur), Ergotherapy.

Emniyet Rommer: +90 (224) 239 49 26 - 27 ROMMER: +90 (224) 239 51 55

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Marigold Thermal and SPA Hotel, Bursa, Turkey

The first thermal SPA featured “City” hotel in Bursa

Welcome to Marigold Thermal and Spa which is the most friendly and the newest thermal SPA city hotel of Bursa.

Marigold Thermal & SPA Hotel, has the uniqueness of the thermal therapy tradition, the location by being in the heart of the city and the name comes from Velvet flowers in the foothills of Uludag mountains.

Thermal & Spa Hotel, a five-star comfort and Marigold boutique hotel concept of hospitality in a very different temperature meet. Away from the standard hotel concept, unique and peaceful city hotel ...

46 °C thermal water in a pool and also the rooms, the baths, the warm smile on the face of the team ...

Healthcare Features:Thermal Pool (85 m2), Jakuzi,Traditional Turkish Bath(55 m2), Special Sauna for Ladies,Sauna, Steam Bath, Shock, Shower,Adventure Shower, Fitness Center (55 m2), Family Bath (3), Massage, Mud Bath.

Emniyet Rommer: +90  444 40 00 - 444 16 26

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