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American Health Tourism Association as known AHTA is definite the perfect place if you want to promete your spa, hospitals, dental clinics region , treatments ,services for patients all around the world And it is really easy to use!

AHTA ( has been created as an international patient care management institution in medical tourism treatment which is definitely planned to present the patient access to some of the finest health professionals and surgeons in the world, and to manage your treatment with great benefits.

We are a pioneer organization focusing on medical tourism and set up to support and manage health solutions of patients globally. We present the highest quality through our selected health systems in the world and globally offer the best ways in health tourism with affordable prices.

We understand that patients are looking abroad for a better price along with quicker or higher quality alternatives for their health care and medical needs, but that the mass of information, websites and services available can be a daunting experience. AHTA aims to bring together best reliable information with an affordable price and also quality of care around the World to help this process.

What makes AHTA unique?

  • Professional relationships with JCI certified major hospitals and top notch doctors to ensure that you receive the highest quality treatment
  • Our reach experience and links with such institutions ensures the quality service of health care.
  • The hospitals AHTA contacted have dedicated international patients’ coordinator who isthe point of contact between the patient, doctor and AHTA, which would make patient as well as companionfeel at home throughout their stay. AHTA always follows the progress of treatment of the patients from the beginning to the end.
  • AHTA offers a complete A to Z service package from arranging treatment, travel, concierge services, accommodation, visas and many more until the patient fully recovers.
  • AHTA has built bridges to the developed countries with high medical technology
  • AHTA co-operates with universities and research centers to offer the best training programs and workshops.
  • AHTA organizes training programs for doctors, nurses, dentists or educational professionals, who wish to take training in developed countries.
  • AHTA is the leading medical tourism services facilitator in New York and Houston. AHTA offers the most comprehensive and professional medical and dental provider network in the country.
  • AHTA provider network is supported by our own recovery centers, our own transportation services and a management team both in the USA, EUROPE and ASIA that has over 20+ years experience running businesses in the USA.

On you can find addresses and many further details. Translations of the user interface are now available in 12 different languages e.g. English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese.

  • more than 45,000 hospital addresses out of 125 countries
  • more than 8,000 links to hospital homepages
  • more than 6,500 E-mail addresses of hospitals
  • Unique address material from our own research teams in emerging markets
  • First multilingual hospital directory in the world
  • Detailed information about the services and procedures
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