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Dental tourism (also called dental vacations) is a subset of the sector known as medical tourism. It involves individuals seeking dental care outside of their local healthcare systems and may be accompanied by a vacation. Dental tourism is growing worldwide: as the world becomes ever more interdependent and competitive, technique, material, and technological advances spread rapidly, enabling providers in "developing countries" to provide dental care at significant cost savings when compared with their peers in the developed world.

Medical travelers who seek dental care outside their national borders have a single thought in mind: money. In the US, Asia, and many European countries, dental care is expensive, especially if extensive reconstructive or cosmetic work is required. In the US, only the most rudimentary dental care is covered by health insurance plans, which is why more than 150 million Americans are without dental coverage.

Dental tourists travel chiefly to take advantage of lower prices. Reasons for lower prices are many: dentists outside the "developed world" are able to take advantage of much lower fixed costs, lower labor costs, less government intervention, lower education fees and expenses, and lower insurance costs. Much of the bureaucratic red-tape that engulfs businesses in the developed world is eliminated abroad, and dentists are free to focus on their trade, dentistry. The flip-side of this is less legal recourse for patients when something goes wrong, but the result is that procedures, such as dental implants and porcelain veneers, which are simply financially out of reach for many people in the developed world, are made affordable overseas.


Affordable Dental Tourism | Cosmetic Dentistry | Dental Implants | Affordable Dental CareEstetic Smile Tooth Colored Fillings (Composite)

Composite fillings are also called white or tooth colored fillings. They are mainly made of polymeric composite resins which hardens and binds to tooth surface with strong light devices. These adhesive materials provide esthetic restoration of decayed or cracked tooth with natural tooth colors.

Nowadays, as a result of technologic improvement in composite and adhesive materials, stronger filling materials can be placed even on back teeth which faces strong chewing forces.

Affordable Dental Tourism | Cosmetic Dentistry | Dental Implants | Affordable Dental CareEndodontic Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a kind of dental procedure to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth instead of removing it. A tooth which has a huge caries cavity that causes strong pain or may be infected and swelled with an absess can be saved by this treatment.

Endodontic treatment involves the removal of vital tissues of tooth like nerve tissues, blood vessels, the subsequent sequences of shaping, cleaning, and decontamination of the canals with special files and irrigating solutions, and the filling of the reshaped and decontaminated canals with an biocompatible filling materials such as gutta percha.

After endodontic treatment the tooth will be non-vital, and if an infection is spread at the apex of existing infection does not ends, endodontic root end surgery is required.

Affordable Dental Tourism | Cosmetic Dentistry | Dental Implants | Affordable Dental CareBleaching – Teeth Whitening

Dental bleaching, also known as tooth whitening is a common procedure in esthetic dentistry . Most of people prefer to have whiter teeth that provide more healty smile. Tooth whitening procedures restores natural tooth color even whitens beyond the natural color. Bleaching is made by using some oxidizing chemical agents on tooth surface. There are two types of bleaching procedure: in-office bleaching which is done by dentist in clinic with power light devices and at-home bleaching which is done by patient using plastic trays at home fabricated by dentist.

In-office bleaching technique is known to be more effective than at-home bleaching due to using higher concentrations of oxidizing agents using power light devices and and it takes shorter time than at-home beaching.

Bleaching can whiten the teeth up to 2 to 3 tones of color scale.

Affordable Dental Tourism | Cosmetic Dentistry | Dental Implants | Affordable Dental CareRemovable Dentures

These type of dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. There are two types of removable dentures – complete and partial dentures.

A removable denture consists of artificial teeth which are made of composite or ceramic attached to a pink or gum-colored plastic base. It is also supported by a metal framework. Partial dentures are used when one or more natural teeth remain in the jaw. Partial dentures have some kind of attachments to the remaining teeth that helps retention and stability. However, complete dentures don’t have any attachments for retention and only retention can be provided by mucosal adhesion between oral mucosa and plastic surface of denture. If the stability and retention of complete denture is not enough for the patient, dental implants may be placed for retention.

•Complete Denture
•Partial Denture
•Implant Supported Overdenture


Affordable Dental Tourism | Cosmetic Dentistry | Dental Implants | Affordable Dental CareEsthetic Smile Design

Novadays, increasingly large numbers of patients became caring esthetic appearance in their dental treatments therefore Esthetic Dentistry became one of the main areas of the

Esthetic dentistry provide you a healthy and beautiful smile which will show you more confident, happy and believable which will offer you more success in your job and daily life.

The procedures of estetic smile design is very complex and needs a number of visual data. It should involve some elements in sequence like facial, dento-facial, dento-labial (relationship of teeth and lips), dento-gingival analysis and finally dental analysis (intertooth relationships, form and position of teeth). At the begining a number of photos are taken in different positions of lips, teeth and face. Following visual datas are evaluated according to sciencetific facial ratios a restoration plan of teeth and even gum tissues is done. Restoration procedures may contain laminate porcelain veneers, zirconia or all-ceramic crowns, tooth like composite fillings and some plastic surgeries on gums. Also missing tooth areas may be replaced by implant supported crowns.

Affordable Dental Tourism | Cosmetic Dentistry | Dental Implants | Affordable Dental CareDental Implants

Dental implants are screw like devices, usually made of titanium ,used to replace missing teeth in the jawbone. These prosthetic devices support a number of dental prostheses, Being in good health is important because there are some conditions and diseases that can affect the success of dental implants.

The planning of location and number of implants requires a detailed intraoral and radiological examination. This will necessitate intaoral study models of your mouth and bite and radiographs (x-rays), which may include digital 3D scans known as computerized tomography. Planning with the help of digital imaging ensures that dental implants can be placed in accurate position in the jawbone. Nowadays, dental volumetric tomography devices (CBCT: Cone Beam Computerized Tomography) are routinely used in dental implantology.

Types of Implant Restorations
Single Tooth Replacement
Multiple Tooth Replacement
Anchoring Removable Dentures
Total Arch (All-teeth) Replacement

Affordable Dental Tourism | Cosmetic Dentistry | Dental Implants | Affordable Dental CareZirconia Ceramic Crowns

A zirconia crown is a popular type of ceramic crowns which has an attractive translucent colour which suits well with the other teeth. This type of crown is composed of porcelain

Zirconia is also used in many other medical applications such as artificial joints and dental implants and is known for its strength and durability. Zirconia is a type of crystal which is long lasting and indestructible. Zr is not rejected by body tissues and causes any allergic reaction. It is safe to use and preferred by many people to porcelain fused to metal crowns.The main advantage of these crowns is that having a translucent appearance which means that they are indistinguishable from your own teeth. It is hard to find a zirconia crown amongst own natural teeth

Affordable Dental Tourism | Cosmetic Dentistry | Dental Implants | Affordable Dental CarePorcelain Crowns

A dental crown is a type of dental restoration which partially or completely encircles a tooth or dental implant. Crowns are often needed when a large defects which is untreatable

Crowns can be made from many materials like all-ceramic, zirconia, porcelain fused to zirconia or porcelain fused to metal (metal ceramic crowns). Crowns are often used to improve the strength or appearance of teeth.

Affordable Dental Tourism | Cosmetic Dentistry | Dental Implants | Affordable Dental CareMetal-Porcelain Crowns

Metal ceramic crowns are a traditional form of crown often used in single crowns or bridges. Another name of Metal-ceramic crown is a “porcelain fused to metal” crown.

They consist of a metal base or substructure which is fused to porcelain crowns. The metal interior can be produced from Cr and Co alloy and this is what gives this crown its strength. This type of crowns are both robust and long lasting. They fits better than many other types of crowns and to have greater strength as well. Also these crowns are cheaper than other types of crowns, for example full ceramic and zirconia crowns.

There are some aesthetic issues with metal ceramic crowns. In partial works (the cases in which not all of teeth are crowned) the color harmony of natural teeth and crowns may not be fully provided due to opacity reflected from metal base under ceramic. However, a high skilled dental technician can reverse this disadvantage with a high quality and aesthetic work.

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How It Works

All in One Package !

We plan every single detail of your dental trip to Istanbul. Here is how it works:

Free Consultation

- You can call us for consultation
- One of our representative contacts you by phone or email to clarify your dental requirements.
- A dental treatment plan with duration and cost information is sent to your email address.

Dental Treatment Agreement

- If you would like to start your treatment, we create an electronic contract with all details of the care we will provide and send it to you.
- You pay an initial deposit for covering the flight tickets, transfers, hotel bookings, city tours (if you choose this service).

Travel Arrangements

- We book your flight tickets from your country to destination.
- We arrange your airport - hotel - clinic transfer service.
- We make your reservation from a hotel of your choice - that is close to our clinic and touristic locations.
- One or more city tours will be booked under your name.

Your Arrival to destination

- Before your departure from the airport your personal guide speaking your language will contact you.
- When you arrive to destinations Airport, your guide will meet you and accompany to your hotel.

Treatment Begins

- Before your departure from the airport your personal guide speaking your language will contact you.
- When you arrive airport, your guide will meet you and accompany to your hotel.
- You have the first day off and you can have some rest at your hotel or make a short trip in city.
- On the next day, your guide will take you to the clinic and your treatment begins.
- Depending on the type of procedure, you will be at the clinic for a few hours and you can spend the rest of the day in Istanbul with your personal guide.

Treatment Ends

- You treatment ends after the final controls are done by our dentists.
- Depending on your initial program, you can spend more time in destination, taking a city tour with your personal guide.

Your Departure from destination

- Your guide will take you to Airport and you will return home with new smile!

Remote Checks

- Your dentist will contact you a few times after your returning home to make sure you are comfortable with your new teeth.

Dental Travel Package

Implants for Dentures Cost

American Health Tourism Association is offering an Implant Supported Dental Package starting at $12,599. This package includes:

  • All dental office fees for placement of four high quality titanium dental implants
  • X-ray fees
  • Lower or upper jaw denture
  • Provisional denture
  • Four attachments
  • Two round trip airfares for the patient from the major airport closest to patient’s place of residence
  • Thirteen nights of hotel accommodations
  • Two days City tour with tour guide
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Ground transportation in the destination country to and from the hotel and medical facility throughout stay for medical procedure

Our affordable dental implants dentures packages offer approximately 60% cost savings over comparable dental implant denture offered in the U.S.

We guarantee that our clients will receive a high quality procedure at our partner’s dental practice. However, if our dental team does not deliver on our promise, we will make arrangements with a dental surgeon of your choice in the area of your residence for the same procedure at no additional cost to you. This is a guarantee that no other company in the dental tourism industry offers.

We provide full service, door-to-door medical procedure-based trips for Americans who wish to receive healthcare services of quality comparable to treatments available in the U.S. for citizens . We have hand-picked, evaluated and contracted dental surgeons of the highest quality and education. American Health Tourism Association will facilitate payments for the procedures. Our travel agent partner will facilitate tourism activities, if our clients or their companions choose to engage in those activities while abroad we will do our best to take their satisfaction

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