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Balneotherapy is stimulation - adaptation treatment method applied in forms of bathing, drinking and inhalation cures performed with natural healers. Natural therapeutic factors used in balneotrherapy are underground sources of natural "therapeutic" waters, mud and seasonal agents. "Therapeutic waters", thermal and mineral waters in other words are the most widely used among natural healing agents. Natural peloides (mud) and gasses (CO2, radon and H2S) are also other agents used in spa treatment besides waters.

"Therapeutic Waters", Thermo mineral Waters, Thermal Waters and Mineral Waters Natural "therapeutic" waters which are the most widely used natural healing agents of Balnetherapy are classified according to their physical and chemical qualities. Therapeutic waters according to classification of generally and internationally recognized German Spa Union are;

• Thermal Waters: waters that have natural temperatures over 20 ºC,

• Mineral Waters: waters containing over 1gr. of dissolved minerals in one liter of water,

• Thermo Mineral Waters: Waters that have both the natural temperatures over 20 ºC and contain over 1gr of dissolved minerals in one liter of water.

• Classification of Special Balneologic Waters containing certain special minerals over specific threshold values (minimum) is also in question. And according to this they are classified as follows;

• Carbon-dioxide containing waters: waters containing dissolved free carbon dioxide over 1 g/L,

• Sulfide containing Waters: waters containing sulfides in value of -2 over 1 mg/L,

• Radon containing waters: waters containing over 666 Bq/L of radon radiations

• Salt waters: waters containing over 14 g/L of sodium chloride,

• Iodine containing waters: waters containing over 1mg/L of iodine,

• Fluoride containing waters: waters containing over 1 mg/L of fluoride.

• Healing waters having total mineralization under 1g /L that doesn't belong under any one of the group in the above classification yet having natural temperatures above 20 ºC are referred to as Akrato Thermal Waters.

Methods of Balneotherapy

Balneotherapy is simulation-adaptation treatment applied in form of cure at certain periods of time with repeated and regular use in series in manner of bathing, packaging, drinking and inhaling thermal and/or mineral waters, healing clay and gasses at specific dosages and in specific methods. Main balneotherapy methods are as follow;

1. Baths: Thermo mineral water, peloid and gas baths and regional applications of these agents.

2. Drinking cures: drinking cures made with mineral waters or applied to living areas.

3. Inhalation applications: inhaling applications performed with thermo mineral water drops.

4. Peloidotherapy: applications in method of bathing in healing mud and clay, packaging and padding.

5. Applications of hydrotherapy: Taking shower, bathing, washing and these types of applications performed with thermo mineral waters.

• Mineral springs spa, a spa offering an on-site source of natural mineral, thermal or seawater used in hydrotherapy treatments.

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