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About Medical Tourism

Medical tourism, also known as Health and wellness tourism is generally divided into four separate categories:

  • Elective - cosmetic plastic surgery, weight loss, fertility, and dental procedures and treatments.
  • Surgical - cancer, cardiac, orthopedic and neurosurgery procedures and treatments.
  • Alternative Medicine - CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) treatments and procedures and Chinese, or Ayurvedic, homeopathy.
  • Wellness - Yoga practices and methodologies, and holistic medical spa treatments.

Medical treatment abroad has the advantage of accessing advanced technological services and procedures from medical facilities and healthcare providers around the world. AHTA Medical vacations provide consumers with affordable surgery abroad with more choices, and definitely, the best quality service in tourist destinations.

General questions

What patients use the AHTA system mostly?

Employees and their dependents who has insurance provided by their employers and face challenges with impossible to pay out-of-pocket costs and/or access to high quality care are very interested in exploring the options to utilize what is being offered by their employers.

How do people get access to the AHTA system?

Through their employer's health plan, patients are made aware of AHTA Option. Once they are diagnosed with need for surgical intervention, they contact AHTA to explore if receiving treatment overseas might be right for them or not.

Cost Of Care

Why is treatment overseas much cheaper?

It is just a matter of the health care cost structures in those countries. In these countries, the government and third party payment systems play a much less important role in determining complex multi-tiered payment structures that result in more expensive health care costs. With the highly competitive nature of open market health care systems in those countries, there are in considerably lower costs of physicians, hospitals, medical devices, consumables and medications.

Isn't it expensive to go overseas for treatment?

Prices for international travel are still highly competitive and are often less expensive than trips across the U.S. The costs related to travel are relatively small in proportion to the savings related to lower medical costs.

What is included in the price ?

AHTA takes care of all costs related to the travel documents, transportation, case management, hospital & doctor fees, medications, stay and meals for patients and their accompanying companions subject to any specific benefits or constraints decided by their health plan.

When do I travel overseas for treatment?

Acting on this consultation, your AHTA Case Manager will give you treatment cost estimates and make best efforts to inform you of possible extra costs after your physician understands your particular situation and suggests the scope of treatment based on his/her preliminary diagnosis. As soon as you start your treatment, there might be some other related procedures suggested or required. In such cases, you and/or your designated financially responsible parties will be able to make appropriate decisions in alliance with your referring physicians and AHTA Case Manager.


How is the quality of medical care at hospitals overseas?

AHTA works with highly qualified credentialed physicians. Most of them have previously trained in top U.S. medical programs and practiced medicine in the U.S. and are as qualified as the ones available here. In addition, AHTA partner hospitals are among the best in the world and is proud of their excellent professional staff, as well as the most modern facilities and equipment available. In most cases, the success rates for medical procedures performed in our partner hospitals exceeds the ones in U.S. institutions.

What about nursing care?

AHTA provides its customers with some of the best available Nursing care service all around the world. Different from many U.S. hospitals that rely heavily on LPN's and nursing assistants, AHTA hospital partners utilize registered nurses (RNs) who provide direct patient care around the clock.

Process for receiving care

You can meet your doctor before you go on your trip

We will provide you with the details about your overseas physician and make arrangements for you to speak with him or her by phone before you choose to get treatment through the AHTA.

What about dealing with details of my case during my trip?

Every AHTA patient is assigned a professional Case Manager who will take care of every detail of your trip and medical care from the first day of our corporation with you through the entire recuperative period.

Can a companion come with me?

We advise patients to have a relative or friend accompanying them on their trip. These companions can stay with you throughout treatment and recovery. It is essential that the companion plays a supportive role and not become a burden for the patient. Right after we engage in assisting you, we will provide you with additional details about the criteria of a good companion.

What happens after I return from my trip as follow up care?

Most of the times, receiving treatment overseas offers the added benefit of getting all required physiotherapy and follow-up during your recovery, stay, prior to your returning home period. In a few cases, you might find it beneficial to engage a local physiotherapist to continue your suggested rehabilitation.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Similar to all medical procedures, there is the probability that medical outcomes might not be optimal. In instances where a medical mistake or malpractice is believed to have taken place, patients have the right to seek compensation overseas in accordance with the applicable legal statutes in their court system in a way similar to the procedure followed here in the U.S.

What happens if I become critically ill during my treatment overseas?

AHTA is ready to respond to all possibilities during your overseas health care in a manner outlined by you to address any outcome. During your consultation with an AHTA Case Manager, every possible outcome will be explained to you and those to whom we would turn to in a case of emergency.


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