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ThermeMaris is a unique natural location

During the winter months ThermeMaris Health & Spa Resort, Dalaman is offering day passes and longer stays for unbelievable discount prices. This year it will be possible to experience the pleasure of taking a dip in the thermal pools and wallow in mud baths for as little as 35TL for a day, during the whole of December. Imagine swimming on Christmas day or New Year’s Eve or taking the waters as a remedy for aches and pains (as well as other maladies) in the warm waters of ThermeMaris! And, in addition to all that it is also one of the few places in the world to be certain of seeing Nile Softshell Turtles or Trionyx triunguis in their natural habitat.

ThermeMaris is a unique natural location.

The ThermeMaris Health & Spa Resort, perched on the wetlands in Dalaman next to the airport, is a magical place not least because it’s quirky design; making the guests feel that they have stepped back in time, so that Cleopatra and her entourage might appear at any moment.

It is also very special because it is the only place in Turkey where it is possible to swim and relax outside at this time of year in naturally warm water but even with this, there is still a lot more to ThermeMaris than meets the eye and which makes an ideal spot to visit for a day or longer during the winter months.
Only two decades ago there was nothing to mark out this stretch of wetlands full of thermal springs, full of health giving minerals and sulphur, apart from the strange whiff of sulphur. But the potential for making more out of such a area was spotted by owner, Ertaş Kasidecioğlu, who has turned the place into a government licensed health spa, hotel and wellness centre, attracting thousands of tourists and spa-enthusiasts from Turkey, Germany and Russia every summer.

Wintertime treats.

The good fortune for people living in Turkey is that ThermeMaris is now open during the winter months when, for the time being at least, it is way less crowded. Between now and the beginning of next season, when there are few opportunities for people to visit from outside Turkey, the pools, the mud and the other wonderful therapies, will be available at prices too low to resist.

Natural spa treatments of this kind are very popular in some parts of Europe and New Zealand but little known in Britain. So what makes this so popular with those in the know? Kasidecioğlu explained that, “ThermeMaris is unique in having the highest level of minerals (17,845 grammes per litre) in its multi-mineral thermal water and is recognised as such by the Ministry of Health, which formally licenses this unparalleled thermal health location.”
He continued, “Every day it produces more than 10,000 tonnes of thermal mineral water from 28 natural springs, which stay at a temperature of between 26° and 28° Celsius all year round. It is therefore a great place to visit even during the winter months. ThermeMaris has three geo-thermal pools and one salty thalassotherapy pool. Each pool has different levels of minerals, which can be used to help with a variety of ailments.” And these wonderful pools are now available for 35tl for a day, during the whole of December.

If visitors want more than the outside facilities, ThermeMaris has exclusive spa facilities indoors, including two thermal pools at 34°- 36° Celsius, Jacuzzi, a swimming pool (cool in summer, hot in winter). Once again, for the month of December a day’s visit will cost only 52.50TL.

Wellness centre

For those in search of more indulgence, for an additional price, visitors can indulge in the Wellness Centre with a range of personal mud and salty bath tubs, Turkish bath, sauna, massage rooms offering Turkish massage, anti-cellulite massage, aromatherapy massage, four-hand mud massage, hot stone massage, foam massage, restorative skin care, paraffin treatment, mud & moss body conditioning, doctor fish pedicure.
There are many ailments for which ThermeMaris thermal mineral products are recommended, including: Skin diseases-psoriasis, neurodermitis and acne, rheumatism, chronic respiratory problems and treatment for a variety of orthopaedic and neurological problems. Ailments for which the special mineral rich mud from ThermeMaris is recommended includes skin diseases such as psoriasis and neurodermatitis, chronic back pain, joint pain, sports and soft tissue injuries, orthopaedic and neurological ailments.

What’s that funny smell?

ThermeMaris has a constant and prolific supply of hot, sulphurous spring water and copious amounts of mineral-rich, restorative and healing mud, all courtesy of Mother Nature. As a consequence, it is only fair to mention that for some, the sulphurous smell does take a little getting used to but most visitors say that they hardly notice it and after all, think about all the wonderful health benefits the treatments provide!


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